How to de- stress yourself and avoid procrastination

Ever since we start thinking about doing things we have been delaying for weeks and months. Seriously! We have always made series of plans and lists. So we can overcome that task. You might see yourself as a visual thinker. When we read about that there are many great brains that were like that which gives us immense hope if not joy, that one day we will make something out of these plans and list or figures. But, in reality, we are far away from that to happen.


This Issue has an epidemic in a generation like ours. It holds us back which lead to many problems. For all those years we have been escaping, questing and complaining ourself. And sometimes it gets so overwhelming. That you just get COMFORTABLY NUMB.

There are many reasons

1) Not Feeling it.

2) Thinking too much

3) Depressed

4) Lack of focus

5) Fear of the unknown etc.

One day out of boredom try to get out of it and just started cleaning your stuffed huge cupboard or anything which have “procrastinated” for weeks. Just start doing it without even thinking. And guess what? It did not take you whole day which you feared and your might completed your job in of couple hours. Once you started working you will go into some kind of trance. And the moment you will finish it will feel like some kind of magic!

That moment, you will experience an epiphany that this is not magic. It just that you DID IT!

And there you have it. Your ANSWER.

But there comes a twist in the story. After struggling for so long when finally I found the solution. You might think that this you can do this. But then again…. Instead of having your answer it did not work. Again, you are back to square one. But this time it was not at least ground zero (you know what we mean). With that gained wisdom I was quick to found a solution to not think, feel or fear too much (The crown vibe). Save it for later.

Bottom line You might be a great thinker or a great mind or in my case a great planner (rolling eyes) but if you think, feel or fear too much you may never be able to complete any task ever. We accept the fact that sometimes we are not feeling it right or we get scared and little bit thought

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