How to find your style

Finding your style is a part of self-discovery. As we always said that fashion is an extension of your personality. Why? It tells so much about you. Fashion is the expression of you. Fashion is not just about wearing clothes and carrying a nice trendy bag. It is so much more than this. Fashion is very powerful. Fashion can pick you up and set the tone of your day or week. It empowers you. It gives you the strength and confidence to deal with negativity. 

Because fashion says so much about you.

Fashion is very powerful. 

So, now it is justifiable that why it is so important to find your style. A style which feels like you. But how do you know that this is what I like and don’t like? And when you look in the mirror, you say “well that’s me”. 

While growing up we try anything and everything. In our life, we go through various fashion phase and try Punk look, Casual look or Girly look but at one point you just stop and start dressing the way you feel comfortable and great about yourself. 

Okay, let’s start 

  • Start From your wardrobe

Look into your wardrobe, look it for some time, dip deeper and look at the clothes which you like wearing very often and brought that style frequently in last few years and which haven’t worn in a long time and not very much. That will very much help to get you a clear picture. It can help you to have a better understanding of what you like and what you don’t like.

· Know your body type

We don’t promote and believe that one should RESTRICT themselves. As long as you feel good but this knowledge we are giving you so that you can highlight that beautiful part of your body. It could be a bodycon dress to accentuate your figure. What works to highlight your beautiful figure?

  • Go to old memory lane

Go through your old picture and what style you have been trying very often. Start documenting those pictures, top or design. Start categorizing them.

  • Look at your fashion icon 

Follow fashion icon style and go through their fashion choices. Ask a question that is this you would like to wear? But in all this questioning and answering don’t forget to ask those pragmatic questions about how often you are going to wear it and is it worth it? 

  • Think of what inspire you

This question is very important that what inspires you? What style or design will pick you up? If that outfit doesn’t inspire and motivates you then that’s not your style. Your outfit should feel like armour. Of, course not in a literal sense but should give you the energy that will make you feel invincible. 

  • What colours and prints do you like

 After doing your research, looking at your wardrobe, your old picture, your favourite icons pictures focus on what types of colour you have picked up very often. You might be very much into earthy colour or lovely pastel family; it might be a bright rainbow or mixed. 

Well! Now you know very clearly, what colour do you like and what looks & feels great in that colour

· Do not forget your accessory

Compiling an outfit is great but wearing accessory elevates and adds more characters to your simple outfit. Do not neglect this. It can be dramatic or it can be elegant. If you like wearing just one accessory or like over accessorising whichever you like that’s your style. 

  • What are your ideologies 

The choice you make there is some kind of ideology behind it. It tells so much about you. Your choices tell your personality. Are you a wild and free or practical foresighted or you look for a timeless piece or new fresh and trendy? 

  • Don’t forget your shoes

Shoes are very important it can make or break your outfit. Your whole outfit comes together to life when you wear the right kind of shoes. Even shoes can tell so much and add value to your whole outfit. 

So, now go…Explore!!

And just don’t stop being a creative, experiment and create something amazing of your own. Put your interesting twist. 

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