The Ultimate Bath Towel Guide

There is a towel for everything. Of course, towels keep us clean and dry out our body after a comfy relaxing bath. But, Towels are little more than you know. If you wrap around your body towel works as a blanket and extend your bath experience. You get the same comfort and smoothness after a bath when you are in your favourite towel. That’s why it is very important to have that perfect bath towel. So, here in a complete comprehensive bath towel guide to help you pick your perfect bath towel. 

Types of fabrics which is used:

Organic Cotton Bath Towel – This fabric towel is made without any use of unnatural fertiliser or pesticides. There are harvested in the most natural way possible and leave less carbon footprint. This is highly breathable fabric and eco – friendly. Skin-friendly and non-allergic, highly absorbent

Egyptian cotton Bath Towel – This bath towel is more soft and comfortable comparatively. This is distinctly more durable and feels luxurious bath towel. The look and feel of this fabric bath towel is very rich and look great bathroom shelves. This is made with high-quality cotton which will give you the most fantastic experience after the bath.

Bamboo Bath Towel – This fabric bath towel has the amazing property as it is mildew resistant and anti-bacterial. Bamboo bath towels are soft and supple. These are also eco -friendly and feel luxurious.

Turkish Cotton Bath Towel– This towel is made with extra-long cotton fibre which makes it super soft, comfortable and strong. This is very durable and highly absorbent but slightly less absorbent as to Egyptian cotton towels. This is best suited for a warm climate with excessive moisture. These towels are thick and luxurious.

Pima Cotton Bath Towel – Just like Egyptian cotton towel these towels are made with the same plant used for Egyptian cotton towel. It is also known as Supima Cotton which is harvested in the southwest region of the United States. It is silky and highly absorbent. 

Microfiber Bath Towel – It is made by blending polyester and polyamide in the ratio of 80/20. It best used to remove dirt, dry skin and makeup without chemicals. It is lightweight and windproof but breathable. It is anti-bacterial.

Now Let talk about cleaning techniques

Most of the towels made with different fabric are Safe at 200 temperatures and can take a high temperature. It can be dry cleaned easily and chlorine bleach can be used.

So now you have a complete list of different types of a towel to choose. We hope this will help you make your mind which works best for you.

You wear it and live in it. We are sure with your perfect choice will never disappoint you and will give you the ultimate “Bath Leisure” experience every time you get out your shower.

And if wanted to know about how to get the perfect your bath experience read this:

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